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New York Steaks
Our Price: $62.50

This cut's been called the butcher's choice -- and we know why. Carlton Farms New York Steaks are marbled to perfection, tender, and have the quintessential beef flavor that makes them a favorite. We hand-select these steaks to ensure only the best quality and dry-age them to draw out their finest flavors; you grill them perfectly and always have a memorable meal.
Ribeye Steaks
Our Price: $69.50

Exquisite marbling and immaculate flavor make Carlton Farms Ribeye Steaks a prized specialty. Hand-selected from cattle that are grain-fed and raised naturally, our ribeyes are always divine thanks to picture-perfect marbling and a dry aging that coaxes out the richest flavors. These velvety steaks also come from the center of a prime rib cut. Need we say more?
Cowboy Steaks
Our Price: $69.50

Rustic tradition and classic flavors blend perfectly in Carlton Farms Cowboy Steaks. These thick, all-natural, bone-in ribeyes are dry-aged for taste perfection and hand-trimmed to please the eyes. Cook these beefy giants over mesquite coals or in a cast iron skillet for big flavor in a big, big steak.
Prime Rib
Our Price: $99.50

The king of cuts. Only the truly primo selections from our all-natural, grain-fed beef get to become Carlton Farms Prime Rib. We hand-select delicately-marbled cuts, dry age them, and lightly hand-trim them, all to ensure that our prime rib lives up to this legendary delicacy's name. And, cooked to a classic medium rare, a Carlton Farms Prime Rib is sure to impress all comers.