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Smoked Bratwurst
Our Price: $29.50

A summertime classic, Carlton Farms Smoked Bratwurst is a lean, flavorful sausage handcrafted for pure culinary delight. Our bratwurst is a skillfully blended medley of fresh and natural pork cuts with just the right amount of seasoning. We cure and cook it in our smokehouse so you can grill it up in a flash at home.
Smoked Bierwurst
Our Price: $29.50

Just like our bratwurst -- but with a kick. Carlton Farms Smoked Bierwurst mirrors the traditional sausages of old-world Oktoberfest celebrations with its lean, all-natural pork cuts and rich blend of flavors and tang. Cured and smoked right here at Carlton Farms, our Smoked Bierwurst is an instant favorite.
Our Price: $29.50

Amply spiced and perfectly smoked, Carlton Farms Andouille Sausage exemplifies the very best of this signature sausage from the South. We blend fresh cuts of pork with specialty spices and seasonings, and then smoke it slowly in our smokehouse for true Andouille flavor. Absolutely delicious on its own or in classic southern dishes like red beans and rice, gumbo, and jambalaya.
Louisiana Red Hots
Our Price: $29.50

For those who prefer a kick, Carlton Farms Louisiana Red Hots call your name. These all-natural zingers are made from fresh pork and a spicy blend of seasonings that manage to turn up the heat and make your mouth water at the same time.